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At Concord Brick Mason Pros, we have a very simple and traditional set of values. We believe in work ethic, quality work, and honesty with our client base. We are able to deliver all of these things to each client that we serve in all of our core services such as bricklaying, stonework, concrete repair, and outdoor fireplaces. The main objective of each job that we do is to deliver a unique combination of craftsmanship and speed to give you the best service possible and ensure that you are satisfied with our work. 

At our company, you’ll find some of the most experienced workers in the area and our business is completely licensed to do all the necessary work. We have decades of experience doing bricklaying and related services. If you are ready to get serious about the next project for your home or business, get in touch with us today to take advantage of all the benefits that working with a world-class bricklayer comes with. We’ll give you a straightforward quote that is affordable and easy to understand. 


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    If you have ever gone through an outdoor or landscaping remodel, you know the struggle of trying to come up with creative ideas. If the design isn’t your strong suit, then we’re the perfect partner for you. We can handle your brick design every step of the way including the design, plans, and installation. We’ll make sure that you are involved exactly as much or as little that you’d like to be. No matter your vision or wish, we will do our best to put it into reality to give you an outdoor brick pattern that works for you and makes you proud to have visitors. We are always happy to hear from our customers, we service the following areas: Manchester, Clear Creek, Orchard Park, Allen, Lake Forest, Easthaven, Matthews, Stallings, Cabarrus, Indian Trail

    Here is some of the bricklaying work that we can do for you:

    At Concord Brick Mason, we see our craft as more than just a trade. We look at bricklaying and masonry as a form of art. Our ownership and staff are truly passionate about helping you to make the exterior of your home more beautiful and appealing to the outside world. Whether you want to create an inviting and luxurious entryway or need an urgent Mint Hill foundation repair, we will be there to deliver quality work and creative vision. If you have ever wanted passersby to stop and marvel at the decorative stone facade, custom fireplace, or elaborate entryway of your home, then we are the right masonry company to work with. We have received dozens of homeowner testimonials over the years about how astonished their friends and family are over the quality of the brick and stone elements in their home. 


    Quality Masonry Work in
    Mint Hill, NC

    As Masons, our craft has deep roots in the history of the world. People have been constructing buildings, patios, and outdoor decor out of stone for centuries and this practice even dates back to ancient Egypt. Because of the enormous pride we have in our work and our craft, you can always rely on us to deliver high-quality results that both us and you can be proud of displaying. We promise to always honor those masons before us that have paved the path towards the art of modern masonry, stone working, and concrete repair by performing our craft at a high level and ensuring the satisfaction of those who entrust us with the exterior appearance of their home. 

    Over the past thousands of years, it has been proven that structures made of brick or stone are durable, strong, and long-lasting. They have become a beacon and icon of strength in modern and ancient architecture and they remain as the material of choice when constructing important buildings. However practical the building of structures with brick and stone may be, there is also an art to the process. Being a mason has always been a respected profession because of the care and attention to detail that it takes to craft the creations that we give to our clients. What we offer is a stylish, structurally sound bricklaying and stone working service that will complement your home and welcome you, your family, and your visitors while also increasing the curb appeal and value of your home. 

    As a child, you may have heard the story of the three little pigs. Well, the reality is that stone remains the most sturdy material to build with currently available for residential use. Our job is to take these fairy tales and help you turn them into reality by delivering a strong, but decorative stone or brick facade to your home or other outdoor structure. This is a service that we take a lot of pride in and we are confident that with our craftsmanship, you will never have to worry about a wolf blowing your house down!  

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    Not only do we build exquisite walkways, entryways, and outdoor structures, but we also repair and replace older brick structures, cracked driveways, and damaged foundations.  If it’s made of bricks, stone, or concrete, we can repair or replace it with no trouble at all.  Let us help you update your property and make it look new again!

    Don’t hire an inexperienced local masonry contractor who may be a few bricks short of a load.  You’ll find professionals with years of experience at Mint Hill masonry who will provide outstanding work that will stand the test of time.  You can huff and you can puff, but you won’t be able to blow our work down!

    Our company’s main goal is to provide you with the best products and exceptional workmanship at a low price in a timely manner.  We are honest, hardworking people who treat each of our clients like members of our own family.  We aim to please and many of our clients have said that we are so friendly and personable, we could talk to a brick wall (and sometimes we do after working on them for hours).  It may sound like we’re laying it on thick, but it helps the bricks lay better.

    Enjoy entertaining your friends and family on a new patio.  Enhance your landscaping with natural stone walkways strategically placed in your garden.  Improve your curb appeal with an ornate brick mailbox.  Channel your inner pit master with a custom built brick barbecue.  With Concord Brick Mason as your partner, the possibilities are endless.  If you dream it, we can make it a reality.  Give us a call for your next stone or brick project…you’ll sh*t a brick when you see how amazing the finished product turns out!

    Local Professional Brick and Stone Repair

    While we certainly consider building brick facades, walkways, entryways, and other outdoor structures to be the main core of our business, we also offer several other services to our clients. We are happy to offer brick and stone repair for your home or business as part of our full suite of masonry services. If you have a foundation or other brick and stone repair that you need done, call the company that works with brick, stone, and other solid services on a daily basis. We can assess the damage that has been done and make a plan while giving you recommendations on how we think we should tackle the problem. 


    Even if you are unsure if we offer the service that you are looking for, give us a call! We are always happy to put together custom quotes for our customers with unique problems. If it is made of brick, stone, or concrete, the chances are that we can repair, replace, or improve it! Don’t waste your time with an inexperienced contractor. If you have a serious problem that you need addressed by people who have seen it all, we should be your first call. We have decades of experience diagnosing and treating any problems that may arise in your masonry or concrete.


    Mint Hill Local Roots

    As the top mason in Mint Hill, our relationship with the area extends back decades. We have been repairing, replacing, and building stone structures in the area for years and we are lucky enough to have earned the trust of home and business owners throughout town. The thing that you should know about us is that our passion for the craft has led to us being able to brighten the town with excellent stonework that makes a walk down any neighborhood street even more pleasant. We have been able to touch every part of town with our work and we consider ourselves to be very fortunate to be able to do business in a special community like this. 

    One thing that you can always count on when working with us is that we will treat you and the neighborhood with integrity because we are around for the long haul. We are happy to call Mint Hill our home and we strive everyday to give back to the community that has given us so much. Our local roots in Mint Hill are what motivate us to do our very best work every day and deliver quality work for the residents of this area. 


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    There are several reasons that we feel that we are the best option for you when it comes to stone, brick, or concrete repair or building in Mint Hill. We could elaborate on this all day, but we really feel that we should let our work do the talking. We have one of the most impressive masonry portfolios in the state and our work has transcended generations in this area as we continue to prove time and again why we are the best option for masonry in Mint Hill. 

    The pillars of our business really come down to some very simple concepts. These consist of communication, quality, affordability, and style. We ensure that every project we do meets those very strict standards and lives up to the expectations that we have for ourselves and that the community has for us as well. We have one of the most impressive masonry portfolios in the state and our work has transcended generations in this area as we continue to prove time and again why we are the best option for masonry in Concord, Charlotte, Monroe, Kannapolis, Landis, China Grove, Salisbury, Mint Hill and other surrounding areas in North Carolina!

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    If you are ready to get the home exterior that you always dreamed of or the masonry repair that you urgently need, get in contact with us today to set up a custom quote and 1-on-1 discussion to create a customized plan for you. We’ll be waiting for your call!